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Worthing Cooperative is a design firm predicated on the sole intention to bring clients’ dreams to reality through innovative, intuitive, and dynamic solutions. With an experienced team, the resolve is to facilitate built ideas integrating balanced harmony of program, form, function, style and aesthetics. 



As the principal designer and CEO of W Co-op, I pride myself in being organized and having the ability to manage and work harmoniously within a team for my clients’ vision.  


My skills cover all aspects of an architectural project from introductory client meetings, through design, and into completion of turn-key construction management.   Although my work ethic is defined through discipline and rigor, I believe balance within the process is achieved through concise communication, and the understanding of what it takes to design, develop, and execute such projects from start to finish.  


Over the last twenty years I have been trained to frame and meet a budget while producing expeditiously, a premium service and result to clientele.

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